National Corridor is an asset based 3PL that is a full-service Tradeshow and Event Logistics provider headquartered in Chicago, IL.

We work with clients in the Lower 48 states to support their domestic Truckload and Less-than-Truckload Tradeshow and Event Logistics needs via Over the Road, Regional, and Local transport. We further reinforce our Logistical capabilities by serving as an agent in the Chicagoland Region to accommodate your expedited Tradeshow and Event needs.

At National Corridor, we proudly stand head and shoulders above our competitors offering similar Tradeshow and Event Logistics services. Our unique combination of experience, service, and technology allows us to provide logistical services that offer an optimal degree of reliability while remaining cost effective.

Further, we reinforce this dedication to service quality by focusing only on Tradeshow and Event services, meaning this freight specialty is our sole enterprise that gives us the ability to dedicate the full embodiment of our resources to your Tradeshow and Event needs, truly differentiating us from the competition.

How do we do this? 

National Corridor provides Dedicated Tradeshow Drivers with decades of Tradeshow and Event logistics experience, meaning they understand Check-In procedures, know how to read the MHA and match piece counts. Our drivers take the extra step to ensure all paperwork is turned in once a booth is packed. Our Dedicated Tradeshow and Event drivers are all equipped with Logistics Trailers with either E-Track or Logistics Posts, Load Bars and Ratcheting Straps, and are capable of providing Pad Wrap services upon request. Our dedicated Client Services team has 24/7 On-Call Personnel and use proprietary GPS along with accepting Macro-point software to trace your freight and provide Real-Time updates to reduce the burden and stress on your team and clients. Our team members are fully trained to understand the expediency and accuracy of the information and services we promise and provide, thereby, reducing inefficiencies and miscommunication.